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One chance is all it takes to change life !

You can be a student, executive, businessman, labourer or anybody. But we all have one thing common which unites us all. And it's the desire to win. Your desire to win and change your life depends on you giving yourself a chance. That chance is being provided by us to you.

Playing the traditional lottery leaves you with 2 choices: to either lose your money entirely or to win the entire prize money.

You can have fun playing the lottery initially. But you'll end up stopping it sooner because of losing it mostly. Actually, the setup provides for only one person to win, and everybody else to lose. Unfortunately, you miss out on all the fun which you can experience playing the lottery.

We have changed that, we don't want anyone to lose their money or the fun while playing the lottery and still be able to have a chance to win big. So we created pottery, where the pooled money from all the pottery ticket holders is used to earn interest which is rewarded to the pottery winner. Rest everybody else is refunded back their ticket's money.

It's no risk, no loss lottery to win free.

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